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As a premier brand specialising in printed wallcoverings and fabrics, we take pride in our dedication to eco-friendly practices and responsible sourcing.

Eco-Friendly Printing and Design

Our journey begins with creativity. All our designs are crafted in-house, where we employ a mix of traditional and innovative techniques. We use eco-printing techniques and natural dyes, pencil, charcoal, and non-toxic paints, ensuring our artistic process is as green as possible. Additionally, digital printing methods significantly reduce waste and lower carbon footprint, aligning with our mission to protect the environment.

Sustainable Materials

We prioritise the use of sustainable materials in all our products. Our wallpapers and speciality wallcoverings are printed on non-woven or natural paper substrates sourced from FSC-approved suppliers. 

Our suppliers' paper substrates are not only eco-friendly but also meet stringent safety standards. Natural substates are crafted from natural raw materials and refined woven fibers, making them 100% recyclable. These substrates absorb noise, add texture, and meet Indoor Environment Air Quality standards, providing a safe and pleasant atmosphere in any space. They also adhere to fire safety regulations, specifically ASTM-E84 Class A.


Premium, Sustainable Fabrics

We offer a range of fabrics made from 100% natural materials, including linen, cotton, and hemp. These fabrics are not only luxurious but also sustainable, ensuring minimal environmental impact. We are continually innovating and expanding our sustainable fabric offerings, such as our new sustainable velvet, made from a cotton-modal blended twisted yarn.

Local and Responsible Sourcing

Wherever possible, we source our materials locally, we produce our furniture locally, reducing transportation emissions and supporting local economies. This practice not only helps to lower our carbon footprint but also ensures the highest quality and traceability of our materials. 

Sustainable Packaging

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging. We use sustainable packaging solutions for shipping, ensuring that our products arrive safely and with minimal environmental impact.

At Dami and Em Design, we believe that luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand. By integrating eco-friendly practices throughout our production process, from design to delivery, we aim to inspire and lead by example in the world of interior design. Join us in our journey towards a more sustainable future, one beautiful design at a time.

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