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The Process

Eco print, also referred to as botanical or contact printing, is an artistic and environmentally friendly technique that uses natural plant materials to create intricate designs on paper or fabric. This method harnesses the inherent pigments and textures of various plants, transferring them onto surfaces without relying on harsh chemicals or synthetic dyes.

The process employs natural materials such as paper, cotton, silk, wool, and linen as the canvas.

Carefully selected plant elements, like leaves and flowers, are thoughtfully arranged on the surface. 

These arrangements are tightly bound into bundles using strings or clamps to secure the plant materials in place.

The essence of eco-printing is steaming or boiling of these bundles. This heat treatment allows the plants' natural pigments to permeate the paper or fabric. As the pigments are activated by the heat, they are absorbed by the substrate, resulting in unique and organically beautiful prints.



Silk Fabric

The Prints

The moment when the eco-print is revealed is a truly delightful experience. It can fill the artist's soul with a profound sense of awe and appreciation.


The natural surfaces are adorned with intricate patterns and unexpected details.



The Wallpaper Design
Artisan Collection

The versatility of eco-printing extends far beyond fabric and paper. Picture incorporating eco prints into your ceramic projects or adding botanical imprints to your handmade leather goods. The possibilities are limitless, and each experiment can yield unexpected and delightful results, like our wallpaper designs.

Eco-printing opens up a world of creativity, with nature as your partner. The magic of natural pigments and patterns enriches your artistic expressions, adding unique beauty to your creations.


wallpaper roll.jpg
Damask Faux Silk Wallvovering.jpg

Eco-printing enables us to create exceptional artworks by forging a deep connection with nature, bringing the Art of Nature into your homes. Together, we journey through the enchanting world of eco-printing, hand in hand.

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