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Dami and Em Design owners

Nestled at the heart of our artistic venture is the tale of a family united by a profound passion for creativity. Meet the driving forces behind Dami and Em Design: Emil, a contemporary artist with an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of visual expression; Dami, a mixed media artist who weaves diverse elements into her creations with finesse; and their daughter, Emilia, whose spirited energy infuses a sense of wonder into every design. United by blood and bound by their shared artistic vision, this family of three embarked on a journey to redefine the aesthetic landscape.

Founded on the belief that art should be an integral part of everyday living, Dami and Em Design emerged as an independent design house specializing in wallpapers, fabrics, murals, home accessories, lampshades and wall art pieces. Here, Emil's contemporary flair, Dami's mixed media mastery, and Emilia's vibrant enthusiasm converge to create collections that harness the power of innovation. Each creation tells a story, combining the talents of three generations into patterns that transform spaces into unique, artistic sanctuaries. At Dami and Em Design, we invite you to explore a world where family, passion, and art intertwine to bring inspired patterns into your daily life.

Explore original art by Emil Atanasov

With a unique ability to evoke a sense of time and atmosphere, Emil's work invites viewers to experience the world through a lens of beauty and emotion. Step into the enchanting world of this maestro of visual poetry whose canvases breathe life into the ordinary. With an expert command of brushwork, Emil captures the nuances of light and shadow, infusing landscapes and scenes with an ephemeral quality that transcends the tangible.

Original Art by Emil Atanasov, Mystical Forest Painting

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