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Dami and Em Design’s new collection Artisan - a testament to nature’s beauty

In the dynamic realm of design and home decor, innovation often springs from unexpected sources. Enter eco printing - a technique that seamlessly melds nature's beauty with artistic expression to craft captivating patterns for wallpapers and fabric designs.

Immerse yourself in our newest collection of wallcoverings, wallpapers and fabrics ‘Artisan’. Embracing nature’s beauty, we offer to transport you on a journey of uniqueness, texture and clever intricate pattern design. 

Shell wallpaper

Wallpaper: Shell

A little bit about the method of eco printing, also known as botanical printing or leaf printing, is a captivating process that involves using natural materials like leaves, flowers, and plant matter to imprint their intricate shapes and vibrant colours onto paper or fabric. The result? Patterns that are as unique as the specimens themselves, each telling a story of nature's artistry.

Learn more about our methods here.

Each of our new collection pieces becomes a testament to the harmony between art and the environment, inviting a sense of serenity and wonder into a home or a commercial space. 

Shell Wallpaper

Wallpaper: Shell

We wanted to create prints that not only are visually stunning but also deeply rooted in the natural world. It's a celebration of the organic, a homage to the beauty that surrounds us.

Dune Sisal Grasscloth

Wallcovering: Dune

Our sisal grasscloth designs are a testament to the harmonious blend of nature-inspired aesthetics and sustainable practices. The tactile texture of sisal adds depth and dimension to the designs, inviting touch and engaging the senses.

Sand Storm Sisal Grasscloth

Wallcovering: Sand Storm

Application: Perfect for creating a warm, organic ambiance in any space, from rustic retreats to contemporary interiors, our sisal grasscloth wallcoverings offer a unique combination of beauty and sustainability.

Sand Sisal Grasscloth

Wallcovering: Sand

Mirage Sisal Grasscloth

Wallcovering: Mirage

Damask Silk Wallcovering

Wallcovering: DAMASK Silk

Our faux silk wallcovering design DAMASK exudes sophistication and luxury, offering a timeless allure that complements a range of interior styles. This wallcovering captures the beauty that surrounds us. The silken surface serves as a canvas for the nature patterns and motifs, adding a touch of opulence to any room. Whether adorning the walls of a chic boutique hotel or a residential space, this design embodies elegance and refinement.

Application: Ideal for creating a sense of luxury and grandeur, DAMASK faux silk wallcovering adds a touch of glamour and uniqueness to interior settings, infusing them with sophistication.

Damask Silk Wallcovering

Wallcovering: DAMASK Silk

Discover our full collection here.

Order samples of those that grab your attention. Trade discounts available.


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